Monday, January 28, 2019

Hook, line, and sinker

Jeff nails it with this video.

Good comedy is made when someone takes a joke and runs with it through the hills and beyond. Jeff introduces to us the "SF Diet," or the Stomach Flu Diet, that "allows you to eat virtually anything you want without worrying that it is going to go to your waistline and make you fat...because you will not likely be able to keep down any of the food that you ingest."

His hook, "40% FASTER THAN KETO," is eye-catching. But only because it's Jeff Cavaliere, MSPT, CSCS, and highly respected all-star personal trainer. Not only is this out of character, the Pratfall effect means that we respond to a competent figure of authority's obvious clickbait or potential blunder favorably.

Then he proceeds with six-minutes of semi-professionally produced satire without missing a beat. What impresses me is that he manages to seamlessly use real before-and-after images from the actual program that he's selling throughout the video.

ATHLEAN-X™ is an intriguing case study in personal branding because of the unique way Jeff packages his content. He provides free, quality, though disparate, physical training content through his YouTube channel. From a business development perspective, this subscription-based video marketing is highly effective because each instance is a crucial prospective customer touchpoint. That's the equivalent of someone shopping through your store X number of times, which each subsequent visit increasing the likelihood to purchase a product.

Then, his regimented training program and products are merely an upsell from the free training he provides on YouTube. With an audience of 6.8M subscribers and average video publication rate of 9 videos per month, we can assume that he averages 1M pairs of eyes per video, or 9M pairs of eyes per month. If we presume ATHLEAN-X™ has an average product price of $97, it only takes about 860 program sales, or 0.0095%, of those monthly pairs of eyes for him to net an annual salary of $1M.

Psychology dictates that people will go for the "LIFETIME ACCESS" $97.00 product because it is "only" $20 more expensive than the "120 DAY ACCESS" product.

It is wise strategically that Jeff runs his own fitness enterprise because it gives customers the option of a one-stop shop. He integrates the sale of complementary fitness products and supplements with his program. He can pull this off because not only is he a legitimate fitness authority, but through YouTube videos like the SF Diet, Jeff humanizes himself. The bottom line is, Cavaliere sells because he is a walking, flawed (see Pratfall effect), living, breathing, testimony of his own product, to which the fitness industry, fortunately, can lend itself.

Hook, line, and sinker, well done, ATHLEAN-X™.

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